Olga Safonicheva, MD

Olga Safonicheva, MD


I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical  University,   Moscow, Russian Federation, Institute  of Post-graduate education for Doctors, Department  of  neurology, integrative  medicine  and health.  MBA.

  • Education –  Higher  Medical Education. She graduated  and received her  D. degree from the State Krasnodar Medical University, Russia.
  • Certifications – specialized in neurology, neurophysiology,  rehabilitation,  physiotherapy, soft-tissue manual therapy, acupuncture.
  • She is a member of many professional societies in rehabilitation, integrative medicine and neuroscience – European Personalized Medicine Association (EPMA);  Federation of European NeuroScience (FENS).
  • She is Member of International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries.
  • Teaching experience – 20 years in I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Institute of Additional Education in Medical and Social Rehabilitation. She conducts lectures and seminars in neurology, rehabilitation, postural disturbances, personalized medicine.

Seminars and  work-shops (3 -5 days duration courses) were conducted in Denmark  and Germany in «Meridian release technique»,  in rehabilitation.

Dr. Olga Safonicheva has been a speaker of  Russian and international conferences in neuroscience, active and healthy longevity, rehabilitation of the children and integrative  medicine.

  • Articles published   – More than 90 original articles were published in Russian and international Journals, 6 patents in diagnostic and medical technologies; educational  papers and  1 book – “Restorative Medicine”. She has  made  a number of presentations  at national Medical  Meetings and  Congresses, devoted to Neuroscience,  Rehabilitation and Health Protection and Anti-aging Medicine.
  • Awards – Diploma of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries.
  • Biographical statement: Olga Safonicheva, has protected 2 Dissertations in Medicine (2002 and 2007), now she is working as an educator, clinical investigator, and
  • Medical Doctor. Her research  interests have focused on non-specific stress-reactions of the body and early preclinical diagnosis of pathological processes, especially brain health, healthy longevity and diseases prevention.  She was a leader in integration between Department of Education and Department of Health and organizer in Scientific  Pilot Project «Complex interdisciplinary rehabilitation and socialization of the children with  mental and  behavioral disorders».
  • Membership in the EU Project “European International Partnership on Active and Healthy Longevity” – Magister’ Program “Public Health, profile Personalized Health Management”.

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